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Projetos pedagógicos

            Desenvolva projetos pedagógicos com seus alunos
         O resultado irá surpreender a todos, inclusive você.

Projeto desenvolvido na escola municipal Abílio Alves de Miranda em Terezinha-PE.
  Esse projeto fez um resgate da história de Pernambuco o que foi um sucesso.

 Parabéns aos professores, funcionários e alunos por essa iniciativa e a grandeza do projeto.

I was doing a project called WHERE IS THE LOVE? It has the same name of the song it was based on by the group BLACK EYED PEAS. This great song has a lof of social themes and first we reflected about them, then my students did a lof of posters and we had good discussions  about these great themes and many others that the students brought up...

Then I asked them what we could do to show our love and also do something that could change our community in some way. So they had the brilliant idea of doing a charity bazaar. So I told them about the American Garage Sale and we did the bazaar. We went to a poor community in our city, together with the Mackenzie project (Mackenzie is a Presbiteriam College that does some great social projects every year) the bazaar was a great success and all the money we got on it, we are going to donate to an orphanage.

And to culminate this project we had a cultural quiz based on the film Slumdog Millionaire. The 5th grades students answered questions about the English culture, politics, turist attractions, etc and the 1st years answeded questions about the USA. It was really funny and exciting!

You can find all the project here: 

Fernanda Nunes 


            Projeto desenvolvido pela professora de química Rosa Elvira
                       com os alunos do 2º ano do colégio  Santa Sofia.

                                              Professora Rosa Elvira
                                    Decorações feitas com materiais reciclados.

                     Projeto de espanhol desenvolvido com os alunos dos
                    1ºs anos do colégio XV.

                   "Nuestros hábitos diários para una vida saludable"

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